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Urban Agriculture: New Project at le Palais des Congrès de Montréal

October 3rd, 2016
Harvest Bounty from the Montreal Convention Centre's Green Roof

Harvest Bounty from the Montreal Convention Centre’s Green Roof

Like many cities across North America, Montreal has problems with localized heat islands during the summer, raising the temperature significantly compared with its surroundings. This effect is due to the density of buildings and road network, and not enough green space to absorb the sun’s heat.  In addition, with changing and somewhat unpredictable weather conditions due to climate change, an increasing number of cities are beginning to experiment with different forms of urban agriculture. One of the projects in Montreal is a partnership between the Montreal convention centre (le Palais des Congrès de Montréal), the department of urban agricultural research from the university of Quebec at Montreal (AU/LAB at UQAM), Miel Montreal, and La Ligne Verte. This is a true collaborative project to learn what is possible regarding growing food within the confines of a rooftop. The project aims to fulfill several objectives:

  • Reduce heat island effect for the neighbouring area;
  • Absorb stormwater;
  • Produce plants and vegetables for a variety of uses;
  • Preserve heirloom seeds from some rarer varieties of plants;
  • Demonstrate Montreal’s efforts to become a resilient city in the face of changing weather patterns;
  • Provide a “lab” like setting to develop new vertical farming techniques.

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EuroShield Recycled Rubber Roofing System

December 16th, 2014


Canmore Black Shake

Canmore Black Shake

Euroshield is a rubber roofing product that has been manufactured in Calgary, Alberta for the last 13 years.  It is made from 75% recycled rubber tires and 20% other recycled material for a total of 95% recycled material. Each new roof contains between 250 and 1000 rubber tires, and any scraps produced during installation can be collected and recycled into new product (depending on location).

There are four product lines:

  • EuroSlate, mimics the look of slate. Available in Brownstone, Greystone and Blackstone colours.
  • EuroShake, mimics the look of cedar shakes — available in either the hand split or taper-sawn looks and three colours: weathered brown, grey and black.

Both the EuroSlate and EuroShake are the original products developed by EuroShield. They are about 3/4″ thick at the butt end and interlock using a tongue and groove system. They weigh approximately 3.3lbs/square foot and need no additional truss support.

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Waterfront Toronto Aims to Build the Greenest Community in North America

December 2nd, 2014
Sherbourne Common Water screens

Sherbourne Common Water Screens (stormwater treatment)

Sherbourne Common at Night 2

Sherbourne Common at Night

Waterfront Toronto was established in 2001 by the city of Toronto, the province of Ontario and the federal government. Its mandate was not just to revitalize the waterfront area, but also to do it using a framework of sustainability. They have developed incorporated into the design such things as making the roadways more pedestrian and bike friendly, creating parks surrounding housing developments, creating mixed-use spaces for businesses, services, education and housing. Low-income housing was also included in the plan. The building code standards are stricter than the city’s and are continually improving. Finally, riverfront and lakefront rehabilitation was one of the primary mandates. If you haven’t been down to see the wave decks yet, they are unique, award winning structures that have provided connections and continuations of pathways, but have also assisted in revitalizing the lake beneath it. Toronto Conservation Authority counted an increase in fish species below the decks from six to 27 at last count. » Read more: Waterfront Toronto Aims to Build the Greenest Community in North America

May – New Products from Eco Building Resource

May 15th, 2014

Kevin Royce at Eco Building Resource sent me a list of new products he has available.


New Eco Products In Stock For




Solatube 160DSe (10″)


Provides the ultimate in energy-efficient day-lighting.


Delivering natural light to spaces up to 200 sq. ft., it is designed to minimize heat loss in extremely cold climates and heat gain in extremely warm climates.


As a result, this product has earned an Energy Star rating.


ECO RoofGuard


A clear non-toxic, high quality acrylic formulation that is applied to old or new asphalt shingle roofs.


RoofGuard will protect your roofagainst granular loss & algae.


It is a sealer that will extent the life of your roof for years.

ECO Bond – Windows, Doors & Trim


A zero VOC, non-toxic, solvent free sealant.


Certified hypoallergenic.

Chemically impervious to mold & mildew.

Waterproof and paintable within 2 hours. Rain ready in 30 min.


For more information about our products, please visit ourwebsite or contact us at 877-741-3535.

ECO-Building Resource


Enviroshake Roofing Tiles Look like Cedar

November 28th, 2011


Enviroshake is a roofing tile that is intended as a cedar shake replacement. It comes in one colour, a dark gray when first installed, but within 6 months it weathers to a nice looking silvery gray similar to that of weathered cedar. The shakes come in 8 different profiles so that a roof will have that authentic cedar look to it.

Because the product is made primarily from composite materials some of the features of it are that it is:

  • durable, it won’t rot, shrink or crack over its lifespan,
  • pest, mould and mildew resistant,
  • can withstand winds up to 110 km/hr,
  • fire retardant,
  • maintains its colour after the initial weathering.

At end-of-life, tiles can be sent back to Enviroshake to be recycled and made into new shakes again.

Perhaps what is most surprising about this product is that it is made from 95% recycled material. I contacted Ashley Hewko, Director of Marketing at Enviroshake to inquire as to what the 95% recycled material was made up of and whether the material was otherwise bound for landfill or if it had value of any kind, and where it came from. Here is Ashley’s response:

 The percentage breakdown of each type of recycled material in our formulation is a “PROPRIETARY” so I cannot share that. However, I can tell you that the Enviroshake is made from 95% post industrial recycled plastics, elastomers, and cellulosic fibre. Some content would otherwise end up in a landfill, and others are a valued commodity. All of our post industrial recycled materials are sourced from North America (within a 300 mile radius from our plants location), NONE of our materials is sourced offshore. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and have been operating under this certification for over 10 years.

Then, being the persistently nosy person that I am, I wanted to know if they’d done a life cycle analysis comparison with cedar. Ashley sent me a comparison of Enviroshake versus Cedar. While it’s not exactly what I was looking for — I wanted to see the lifetime embodied energy of Enviroshake versus Cedar — it at least shows that Enviroshake lasts for 50 plus years with little to no maintenance whereas a cedar roof would be replaced one to two times during the same time frame. I guess the weakness of the comparison could lie in the assumption that a cedar roof needs to be replaced so frequently. Enviroshake acknowledges that cedar roofs of old used to last 40 years or more, but that shakes cut from newer-growth cedar trees tend to be cut thinner and can split and crack after as few as 12 years, while entire cedar roofs need to be replaced after 15-20 years.

Cost: Enviroshake purchase and installation costs the same as cedar, but given ongoing lack of maintenance versus a cedar roof, the Enviroshake roof comes out significantly less over its lifespan. See this sheet for specific details.

Warranty: As long as Enviroshake is installed by a certified Enviroshake installer, the roof will carry a 50 year warranty that is transferable.

To find out more about Enviroshake, visit their website.

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