Rating System for Water Efficient Toilets

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Maybe you haven’t yet taken advantage of Toronto rebate program to switch to a new water efficient toilet. And maybe you haven’t because you’ve heard that there are many on the market that just aren’t that good — that the water pressure isn’t strong enough so you need two or three flushes — and, well, doesn’t that defeat the whole point of a water saving toilet, hmm?

Fear not. There is an organization out there called the Canadian Waster Water Association (CWWA for short), that, in combination with the California Urban Water Conservation Council, makes it its mission to test popular toilet brands for their effectiveness. I’m not kidding. And you should see the report!  It’s called “Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing of Popular Toilet Models 15th Edition.” It’s extensive and frankly, not that easy to read. But once you decipher all of their codes it becomes a little easier to read. The most important column is the fourth one which measures the values for “MaP Flush Performance (grams of solid waster removed from a toilet in a SINGLE flush).” Obviously, the higher the number, the better. The lowest number in order to qualify for MaP is 350grams. The highest flush is 1000 grams (that’s one kilogram of waste — which is a lot!).

The program tests hundreds of models of toilets — which means that using this chart can be overwhelming. My suggestion is to print off the report and take it with you when you go toilet shopping.  Appendix C has the toilets listed from worst to best in terms of solid waste removal efficiency.

If you’re not familiar with Toronto’s water efficiency program you get a $60-$75 rebate when you buy a water efficient toilet or washing machine. Retailers will help you fill out the forms for the rebate. As of 2009 they’ve changed eligible models — but most retailers are familiar with the program and will have the qualifying toilets highlighted. For specific information on the qualifying models see the website.

Hot Tip!: on February 27th and 28th from 7am-10pm, Home Depot Stores in Toronto will be offering a $75 instant rebate on City of Toronto selected toilet models. To qualify you must live within the City of Toronto and you will need to bring a water bill, government-issued photo ID, and use the in-store coupon. See the City of Toronto Water Efficiency Website for more details. It doesn’t say whether or not there is a limit to the number you can buy.

Note: this program has been discontinued. 🙁



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