Reclaimed Wood Flooring Companies in Ontario

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My dining room table is made from reclaimed wood flooring from a 100 year old factory that was located just outside Tilsonburg, ON — until the factory was torn down, that is. Fortunately, there are salvagers all over the province who go in and see the beauty and potential of these types of architectural building materials. They will strip down an old building, buying anything they think they can resell. Our table has to be the most beautiful piece of furniture in our house. There are plenty of nicks, and gouges in the table top, and the top of it is bumpy and uneven and full of character. Best of all though, is that if my kids bang it up, the marks will just blend in with all the other nicks, gouges and scratches.

There are plenty of reclaimed wood flooring companies in Ontario. One of the reasons is the availability of old wood — not just from old factories, but also from barns that need to be torn down (old barns present not only a fire hazard, but also a safety hazard), and in some cases, underwater logs.  Reclaimed wood makes beautiful new wood floors and pieces of furniture. Old wood sourced locally supports local industry, crafsmanship and gives the wood a second life instead of it ending up in landfill or as firewood. There are several reclaimed wood companies in Ontario, here is a list of a few:

Antiquity Flooring: Offers reclaimed wood flooring in 3/4″ thickness (unless specified otherwise) which comes in random widths ranging 3-8″ from both hard and soft woods that is excellent for “new” wood floors. Antiquity Flooring will also supply reclaimed wood planks for other applications such as cabinetry, mantels, trim, etc.

Antiquity Flooring
71 Wilkes Street
Brantford, Ontario

AquaTimber: Harvests wood from Georgian Bay, the Great Lakes, and lakes and rivers across North America. These logs are then turned into hard and soft wood flooring. The company also has timber and beams for sale as well. Salvaged wood from the depths of cold lakes helps preserve it. Further, these logs are likely from trees that were between 500 and 1000 years old when they were harvested. AquaTimber verifies the age of its logs through the use of dendochronology (tree ring dating). In the old growth forests, trees grew more slowly because of the thick canopy, creating a denser tree.

Floor planks are available in random 3-8″ widths, and is available in engineered or solid flooring.


8520 Highway 93
Midland, Ontario
Canada L4R 4K4

The Barnboard Store: Located in Toronto in the Danforth area, this store sources reclaimed boards from Ontario barns that need to come down. The website has great photos and idea for barnboard including shelving, benches, headboards and accent walls. Custom headboards are also available. Lengths vary from 2-14 feet, widths: 6-12 inches, thickness 3/4-1″.

Contact information:

Phone: 416-471-9452


Century Wood: Founded in 1997 near Fergus, ON, Century Wood began by supplying reclaimed wood to the Netherlands. It has since expanded and now supplies wood for projects close to home. Century Wood makes both hard and soft wood floors, as well as architectural details such as panels, timber and beams and unfinished barnboard.

Century Wood Products Inc.
Marsville, R.R. #3
Orton, Ontario
L0N 1N0

Phone: 519-855-955

Countrywood: Uses new, salvaged, and reclaimed wood to manufacture wood plank flooring, doors and trim. Wood has been sourced from many different locations. Plank widths come in random sizes from 3-8″ and are milled as either solid or engineered flooring. Countrywood now also carries

Reclaimed wood comes from old factories, barns, and other facilities that are bein torn down.

Salvaged wood comes from the depths of  waters near Huntsville, ON where it has lain undisturbed for many years (no oxygen so it does not decay). A few years ago, many logs were discovered at the Queen Warf in Toronto when a development company was excavating for a new condo project. These logs have been buried since the early 1800s and have been preserved due to a lack of oxygen and light.

935689 Airport Road
SE Corner of Airport Road & Hwy 89
(North of Orangeville)


Logs End: A company based just outside of Ottawa, LogsEnd harvests logs from waterways that were used for shipping felled logs to the mills for processing before the railway was developed. Some of those logs sunk to the bottom of the river before they made it to the mills. They’ve been sitting on the riverbed floor for over 100 years, protected from light and oxygen by the cold, deep waters. They’re well-preserved, very dense and make excellent wood for flooring. Like the wood out of Georgian Bay area, these logs will be old growth (first generation), and can be up to 500 years old or more.

LogsEnd notes on its website that all wood is harvested from the riverbed in the most ecologically responsible manner possible.  Studies have been done and show no ill effects to the river ecosystem after harvesting.

A variety of widths are available ranging from 3 to 9 inches in lengths from 2 to 8 feet (custom orders are also available). Planks are available in engineered and solid versions, in woods ranging from pine, birch, oak, Douglas Fir and Walnut.

Location: 1520 Triole Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1B 3S9

Nadurra has a wide selection of reclaimed wood from local Ontario barns and factories. While reclaimed wood offers the “greenest” choice of wood floors, not to mention wide plank sizes because the wood was originally from first growth forests, it is more expensive, and obviously, one day this wood will also be used up. Varieties of wood are Elm, Hemlock, Noble Oak, Pine, Loyalist Maple and Birch. Available in solid or engineered. Price: $6.50-11/square foot.

Nadurra Wood Corp.
157 Bentworth Avenue Unit A
Toronto, Ontario
M6A 1P6

T: 647.345.8414  F 647.342.0818

Nostalgic Wood: Located in Mt Forest, ON, this company remills wood collected from barnboard around the province. Varieties include hemlock, oak, pine, elm, etc. Available as solid “antique” wood in 3/4″ thickness, or “engineered antique wood flooring (3/8″ wood on 3/8” birch plywood).

565 Perth Street North, Mount Forest, Ontario  N0G 2L0

Phone: 519-323-0175

Timeless Materials: A store that has a large supply of reclaimed wood flooring, including maple, douglas fir, yellow pine, barnboard and more. All wood is from reclaimed sources such as old factories, barns, and other buildings slated for demolition. It also contains other architectural salvage pieces from beautiful antique windows, to mouldings, trim, antique bathtubs, sinks, lamps, etc. All items comes from buildings about to be renovated or torn down.

305 Northfield Dr. E.
Waterloo, Ontario
N2V 2N4


Phone: 519-883-8683
Toll Free: 1-800-609-9633
Fax: 519-883-4016

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  1. Cathy Rust says:

    Depending on where you are, check to see if your municipality has a construction and demolition waste section. If they do, they will recycle the wood flooring.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Cathy, Thanks for getting back to me, it looks like we get a dumpster or bring it to the waste site our self. I put a ad on Kijiji to see if anyone would be interested in reclaiming it. Will wait and see.

  3. Cathy Rust says:

    Hi Paul, that is a very good question! Check your local municipality – it may be that your wood will be recycled if your municipality prohibits construction and demolition waste from being put into landfill. In the mean time, I will see if some of my colleagues have some other ideas.

  4. paul says:

    Hi, Wondering if you can help. We are removing about 250 sq ft of maple 2 1/4 inch flooring and is about 25 to 30 years old and would like to recycle it. Is there any companies that will take this away or what would be the best way to see that is does not end up in the landfill. Thank you in advance.

  5. Meir Danino says:

    Good way to save planet Earth! 🙂 haha

    Sincerely, Tima Dragomautz

  7. Tima says:

    We have a huge supply of hardwood sawn beams – mostly ash @ $10/lf if anyone is interested for decorative beams in there homes or mantles. We can also custom finish any color or size required or have them milled for various applications. Also carry hand hewn rafters at $10/lf & offer volume discounts. Currently have in stock over 4000 sf of 1.25″ th barnboard, 1″ hardwood boards and planks. We recycle 100% of barns so sell the roofing boards at $100/pick up load. The finished product is on our website

  8. Tima says:

    Hi Theresa:

    Possibly have a customer interested in your cabin and but will need some pictures. Please email me at so we can review.
    thx, Tima

  9. Theresa Craven says:

    I have a very old wood frame house that needs to be taken down. Lots of tongue and groove flooring (2 story home) and beautiful old growth wood inside and out. I am located just south of Napanee, Ontario between Belleville and Kingston. If your interested or know anyone that would be please post here and I will respond. Thxs

  10. Tima says:

    Hi Jill: There are many barn dismantle companies available – some charge you to remove and other remove the building in lieu of the material received. I have worked over 15 yrs with most of these companies and found them to be more ‘recycle’ conscious. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions 905-869-5519. take care, Tima

  11. Cathy Rust says:

    Hi Jill,
    If you’re located in southwestern Ontario, try calling Kieswetter Demolition. They not only do the deconstruction and demo, they also preserve and resell any of the valuable material like the barnboard, through their stores, Timeless Materials.
    Address: 305 Northfield Dr E, Waterloo, ON N2V 2N4
    Phone:(519) 883-4125
    Hours: Wednesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    I’d also recommend contacting the reclaimed lumber stores to see who they use for deconstruction.
    Good luck!

  12. Jill says:

    Wow! Just the info I needed! My parents have two barns to take down and don’t know who can do the job. Any suggestions?

  13. Tima says:

    I’m pretty sure Antiquity Flooring is closed.
    I can assist anyone looking for reclaim wood – rough product, furniture or flooring. Please email me directly at or check out our at We are relocating to the Niagara region near Vineland and will be set up Jan. 2014 to assist people.

  14. Steve says:

    Historic Lumber just out side of Acton Ontario has everything you could ever think of in pre-1900 reclaimed house and barn material including original flooring

  15. Cabin Plans says:

    Reclaimed wood is perfect for making great looking and unique furniture. Thanks for those links above.
    .-= Cabin Plans´s last blog ..Style Of Barn Plans For Any Need =-.

  16. Catherine says:

    We are one of the largest suppliers of reclaimed building materials in Canada. Please take a moment and visit our website.

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  18. wood laminate floor says:

    Flooring can be reclaimed, really?

  19. Solid Wood Flooring says:

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