Urban Tree Salvage Uses City Trees to Create Beautiful Furniture

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I love Urban Tree Salvage. They have some really unique pieces of furniture and accessories. Last year for my birthday I was given a cheese board from this store, and it receives nothing but compliments — how many cheese boards can say that?

Urban Tree Salvage takes City of Toronto municipal forest trees that need to come down due to storm, disease or insects and turns them into pieces of furniture instead of mulching them. There are over 9000 trees taken down each year in Toronto and UTS selects the logs that will produce really unique pieces of furniture. Often the trunks have grown pretty thick so they produce extra wide planks. For instance, this poplar table in the photo is an ebony-stained solid wood plank that measures 42 inches wide, 10 feet long, three inches thick, and sells for $7600. Melissa Neist, Sales and Marketing Manager for Urban Tree Salvage, is standing with beside the table.

Ebony-stained Poplar Table with an "Iffy" base (staggered table legs)

Urban Tree Salvage Emblem embossed on all tables

"Iffy" table base made of hot rolled steel, staggered table legs

Urban Tree Salvage is a fully integrated production facility and includes a sawmill, kiln and furniture production shop. Customers can come in and select the slab they want and the company will turn it into a gorgeous table.

For more information, visit their website.

Located at: 19A Malley Road, Scarborough, ON, M1L 2E4.

Phone: 647-438-7516

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