Tips for an Energy efficient warm winter

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Tips for an Energy efficient warm winter2
Summer is gone but with temperatures remaining high enough it may be difficult to think about heating and energy efficiency. You definitely should, however, consider that winter will be here soon and with its snow and cold weather. What you do now can have huge impact on your electricity bill and how well your home will be overall prepared to face the season challenges. The more you do about energy efficiency, the better.


Here are some general tips on how to make your home energy efficient for the cold months to come. Think about what your home can use and go for it. Carefully consider what you can do to change how much you spend on heating and how to make your home more efficient.

  • Insulating doors and windows – a lot of heat is lost from leaks and gaps in the structure. Use caulk to seal them and replace old weather stripping. This can help a lot, especially if the windows and doors are old. Consider installing storm doors and windows. There are a lot of energy-efficient solutions on the market. It is often times preferable to consider a new purchase as it can save from the energy bill in the future.
  • Stop drafts – get a nice draft stopper for your door during the cold months. As for windows, curtains can play a role here. Consider opening your curtains during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat the room and close them at night to stop any cold draft from the window. Use thick, heavy fabrics for extra protection.
  • Heating system check – in case you have been delaying this, now is the right time for a proper heat system check. Make sure it is done by a professional, who can determine what kind of maintenance is needed and offer suggestions on what to improve. For the people who use a fireplace, make sure you keep the damper closed when the fireplace is not in use. Consider also a glass door in front of the fireplace to stop the warm air inside the room from going up the chimney. Clean the chimney, in case you already haven’t.
  • Turn the heat down when you are gone for long – there is no point in heating an empty house, simple as that. When you are gone for long periods, lower the temperature of your home to save on your bill. You can lower the temperature when you are off to work for example, resulting in a lower consumption for a third of the day.


Tips for an Energy efficient warm winter

Be mindful about preparations for the winter and you can have a budget-friendly season. These are simple enough tasks for anyone to do in order to cut costs and be ready for the coming cold.

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