1. Vinegar works as an excellent surface cleaner. If you want to work something different in to your house cleaning techniques, then try using a spray bottle of half vinegar and half water as your regular household cleaning fluid. You will find that the acid in the vinegar cuts through the grease and dirt that can accrue on the surfaces in the kitchen very nicely, and won’t be harmful at all, like some stronger chemical cleaners can be. You can use neat vinegar on tougher jobs, like oven cleaning or floor cleaning.
Use a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water for cleaning.

Use a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water for cleaning.

  1. A splash of vinegar in the washing up bowl will mean that you are able to get your dishes cleaner even easier. Using the same grease cutting chemical process, you will find that vinegar makes light work of getting rid of dried on and greasy stains form your dishes, leaving them looking sparkling.
  1. As a glass cleaner, vinegar is an excellent product for ensuring that you are able to reduce the amount of streaks that you get, because it dries out a lot more quickly than water, reducing the residue marks as it evaporates. For the best results, you should use a really clean cloth, and go downwards in a zig-zag motion. For even better results, follow the vinegar cleaning process with a rinse of water, and a squeegee dry off!

  1. Smelly room? Put a bowl of vinegar in a room that stinks a little because of pets or even smoke, and you should find that it absorbs the smells rather nicely. Vinegar will be an excellent way to neutralize smells, but the fact remains that it is vinegar, so be careful that you don’t leave it anywhere that the pets or children are likely to get hold of it, and spill or drink it! This would only lead to more house cleaning, especially if your kids are sick!
  1. Smelly clothes can be solved with vinegar as well. You will find that clothes with a damp smell can be neutralized by hanging them in the bathroom with a bowl of hot water and vinegar in the same room. As the steam from the hot water and vinegar solution evaporates, it will get in to the clothes, removing the smell. If you have an issue with old clothes and an important meeting the next day, try this trick out, as the steam will also remove some of the creases!
  1. Blocked drains can be solved with vinegar as part of your deep cleaning. You will find that a cupful will have a fair bit of power in it, which will only be increased if you add boiling water and perhaps even a little baking soda. The results of this combination will be a bubbling reaction that churns the blockage up with the vinegar’s acid. This should cut through the blockage, and free the pipe up, so that the water can drain off easily. If this does not work, then you may have to call in a plumber or a cleaning service.
  1. Vinegar can even be used in the bathroom. If you need a proper home clean and you have run out of cream cleaner, then try combining baking soda and vinegar to make an excellent cream cleaning solution! The mix of these items that can be found in the kitchen cupboards will be a great way to get your bathroom looking completely spotless, so give it a go as soon as you feel the need, to ensure that you have a great way to solve these issues if you do run out of cleaning product!

This post is written by Emma MacMillan.

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