AFM Safecoat is a California-based company that specializes producing zero-VOC paints, sealants and adhesives that are considered some of the safest and least toxic on the market today. Off-gassing of harmful chemicals has come to the forefront of indoor air quality  in recent years, and it is one of the primary reasons people search for “low volatile organic compounds” emitting paints. Indoor air quality is known to be poorer than outdoor air quality, particularly as houses become more airtight. Coatings and adhesives used in everything from particleboard to fire retardant applications on rugs and sofas, contain highly toxic chemicals that can off-gas into our indoor air environment. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and asthma in children have become more and more of an issue over the last few years in part due to poor indoor air quality.  For these reasons, AFM Safecoat manufactures the least toxic paints, adhesives and sealants, and they’ve been doing it for more than 25 years. There are a few places in and around Toronto where you can get some of their products. A brief description of their more easily available products is below. For more information on their products, visit their website:

One interesting note from their website about volatile organic compounds:

Many so-called “Zero VOC” products on the market reduce emissions that cause outdoor air pollution, but still contain a host of unregulated toxic ingredients (such as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, exempt solvents and odor masking agents) that cause indoor air pollution.


Paints and Primers:

  • Safecoat Transitional Primer: An excellent primer for painting over panelling with knotholes (prevents knotholes from appearing under paint), also good when changing from oil to water-based paints.
  • Wallpaint: All wall paint is Zero VOC including Zero-VOC colour tints. Note that many paints are zero or low-VOC until the tint is added. Tints for many major paint companies still contain VOCs. Paints are fast curing, almost odourless during application, and odourless once dried. Available in flat, eggshell, semi-glossand exterior.

Carpet Care:

  • Carpet cleaners and sealers: One of the worst off-gassing of toxic chemicals occurs from new carpets. Safecoat makes a series of cleaners and sealers to trap the off-gassing from manufactured carpets. SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo is a powerful cleaner that is also biodegradable that effectively and safely cleans carpets without using toxic chemcals. SafeChoice Carpet Seal is designed to seal synthetic carpet backings which off-gass harmful chemicals. When applied properly it’s effective for up to one year or five washings. SafeChoice Lock Out helps to seal in and prevent off-gassing of toxic chemicals, and also to repel stains and dirt.

Caulking and Adhesives:

  • Caulking: SafeCoat produces a zero-VOC caulking product which replaces regular oil-based caulking products for use in sealing windows, cracks and general maintenance.
  • Adhesive: SafeCoat Almighty Adhesive is a non-toxic, safe general construction adhesive that effectively bonds up to 500PSI.


  • Safe Seal: is formulated for application to highly porous surfaces such as particle board, plywood, processed wood products and porous concrete to prevent off-gassing of toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of these products. It has a low gloss finish and is water-based.
  • Hard Seal: Semi-gloss sealant used to cover both porous and non-porous surfaces. More durable than Safe Seal and is used as a top-coat over products to prevent off-gassing of chemicals.
  • Mexeseal: is a water-based sealant formulated for application over medium porous surfaces such as flagstones and concrete. Resistant to oil and waterstains.
  • Grout Sealer: Grout sealer has almost no odour during application, and, as it dries it soaks into the grout, becoming part of the grout. Dries colourless and prevents moisture absorption by grout.


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