If you happen to be up in the Huntsville, Ontario area some time this summer, don’t miss the chance to check out North on Sixty, a carpentry company that takes its sustainability goals seriously. Wood tends to come from FSC-certified forests or North on Sixty’s own forest.

In addition to cabinetry, North on Sixty can help with the exterior and interior restoration of old homes and commercial buildings.

North on Sixty also imports from Costa Rica to build outdoor furniture. While the photo above is of an indoor walnut table, the same design is used with a teak wood slab for outdoor furniture. As Yuill McGregor, of North on Sixty explained:

We choose FSC certified Teak from Gene Prinz’s Quepos plantation. It was a former Dole pineapple plantation when replanted just after WWII.The material exhibits interesting color and superb weather ability. The embodied energy and easy recycle nature of aluminum combined with great looks, low maintenance, and made in Canada provenance make it a great fit for our base.

Tables are made to last, aluminum bases are from Alcoa and contain up to 50% recycled aluminum and are hand sculpted. In theory, the base could be made of 100% recycled aluminum, however, only 20% of all aluminum is recycled, the rest ends up in landfill — which limits the amount of recycled aluminum available.

Measurements: The top is 3″ thick and measures approximately 44″(w)x120″(l)x30″(h).

For more information on North on Sixty, visit the website.

Teak dining table

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