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This is a series on how to measure, evaluate and reduce your electricity consumption at home

Benchmarking your Electricity Use

The first step to decreasing your electricity use is calculating how much you use. This article is a step-by-step guide to help understand home electricity use. This is part one of four articles to help you reduce your electricity consumption.

A Do-It-Yourself-Electricity Audit

Evaluating which of your devices (including appliances) are using the most electricity will help you figure out where the most cost-effective changes can be made. This is the second in a four part series of electricity efficiency guides.

Observing Your Family's Behaviour

You can have all the efficient lighting in the world, a programmable thermostat for your heat, Energy Star rated auto shut-off power bars, but if you’re not using the equipment properly, they’re not giving you the benefits you bought them for in the first place.

Energy Efficiency at Home: Creating and Implementing an Action Plan

It’s time to synthesize that information from the first three guides and take concrete steps towards lowering your electricity consumption. You’ve done the research, now do the footwork

More Energy Efficiency Guides

Why Hire an Energy Auditor?

Using an energy auditor to help you reduce your energy use is the best way to go. Not only can they identify air leaks in your home, they will also let you know if your furnace and air conditioner need upgrading.

Using an Electricity Monitor to Evaluate your Electricity Use

Today’s large appliances use approximately 3 times less electricity than those from 20 years ago, but any efficiency gains made by the large appliances have been completely wiped out by the introduction of all our home electronic equipment

Different Options for Water Heaters

While the nuts and bolts of home improvement aren’t glamourous they do offer you an opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your monthly heating bills. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency, hot water heaters can consume up to 17% of your home’s annual energy bill.

Tankless Water Heater Systems

Tankless water heaters are common in Europe but not so much in North America. We have an in-depth interview with a tankless water heater installer to help clarify how they work and where they are best installed.
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