I am a big fan of Caroma toilets, and, to be honest, it’s not the water saving feature I admire most — that’s a prerequisite for any toilet I look at. What really stands out about Caroma toilets is the lack of a need for a plunger. Because of the way these toilets work — using a method called the flush down system — trapways are almost double the size what what we usually see, allowing more waste through and therefore, rarely clogging. In fact I spoke to a Caroma rep. at Greenbuild in 2011, who told me the story of a large hotel chain that was initially resistant to put in any low flow toilet;  the hotel’s maintenance team already spent enough time fixing clogged toilets without the additional problems associated with most low flow toilets. Caroma finally convinced them to try one of their toilets in one room for a week. After the week, the hotel management asked how quickly they could install them — the Caroma toilet not only saved significant amounts of water, but it freed up precious maintenance time because people didn’t have to unclog toilets all the time.

Caroma’s toilets have always been designed to be a 6 liter/3 liter dual flush, but now they’ve introduced a new one on the scene: the Sydney Smart Point 8 which uses 3.8 liters and 2.7 liters for its dual flush, decreasing its water use even further.

To give you an idea about what kind of water savings you can count on, according to Caroma:

  • A standard 12 liter toilet uses about 58031 liters of water annually.
  • A 6 liter toilet uses about 26,528 liters annually
  • A Sydney Smart 8 toilet uses just 13, 265 liters annually.

The Sydney Smart Point 8 is available with either a round or elongated bowl and is easily cleanable.

MaP rating (maximum performance rating): 600 grams

Where to buy: To find a dealer near you, use this page on the Caroma website.

Cost: Suggested MSRP is $399 for the round basin, $499 for the elongated basin.

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