Benefits of Wool Carpeting

Benefits of Wool Carpeting

Wool is one of the original “green” flooring materials and provides benefits from durability to low allergen material to insulator. It is much lower in energy use during production than its synthetic counterparts.

Plug Load Measurement for your Home — Energy Efficiency at its Easiest and Cheapest

You might not have thought about it, but if you look around your home and think back to 20 years ago, we have a lot more stuff plugged into our walls than we did then. There are cell phones and Blackberrys, cordless phones, several TVs , at least one or more personal computers, think of the number of iPods your family has, gaming consoles, DVD/VCR players, surround-sound systems, alarm systems, coffee makers with built-in clocks…a lot of these gadgets didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

Benchmark Your Home’s Energy Consumption By Hiring an Energy Auditor

If you’re interested in cutting your home’s energy use (not to mention your monthly bills), you have to know where your energy is going in the first place, and much of it might be out the window (or through the door, roof or basement). An energy auditor can help you pinpoint your home’s worst insulated areas, discover air leaks and help determine your furnace’s efficiency rating so that you can figure out the best places to spend your money to make the biggest difference to your home’s overall use of energy.

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