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Seven Things I Didn’t Know About Electric Cars

June 19th, 2017

Chevy Bolt

We are in the market for a new car and so we thought that maybe the time is right to look at electric vehicles. We’ve been thinking about them for a while and I admit that if I ever win Loto 649 the first thing I’ll do is buy a Tesla model S. Up until this year, Tesla has been the only car on the market to provide enough range for roadtrips¬† (the Toronto-Montreal corridor being my personal yardstick at 500 km) which has been a significant limiting factor for our family taking the e-car plunge. Recently, however, Chevy has come out with the Bolt (an unfortunate choice of names, given how often people confuse it with the Volt) which has a range of 380km.

The timing of the opening of the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre was perfect; my husband and I were in Toronto in May for work and we decided to visit the centre to find out more about electric cars. The staff has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and there are plenty of interactive displays around the showroom to help you understand the technology if they happen to be busy with other customers. » Read more: Seven Things I Didn’t Know About Electric Cars

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