Team 7 Lux Coffee Table

Team 7 Lux Coffee Table and consoles

 James Flynn of Greyhorne Interiors, a contemporary furniture shop in Ottawa, sent me some information on a line of furniture he carries called Team 7.

Team 7 is based in Austria and makes beautiful, contemporary furniture. While it is a well-known brand in Europe, it definitely flies under the radar here in Canada, and that’s a shame because not only is it classic contemporary furniture, the company prides itself on their ever increasingly sustainable production.

The contemporary furniture is hand-crafted by local woodworkers, wood pieces are joined together by hand and are only polished with natural oils such as linseed and safflower, and buffed with natural waxes.

Riletto Bed

All wood used for the furniture comes from well-managed European forests and are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Team 7 mills the logs in its own factories, minimizing waste in the process while the leftover sawdust and wood chips are used to power the furnace to heat their plants. Each year they produce a sustainability report to evaluate how they are doing compared to the previous year. They also set goals to determine what area of resource use they need to focus on to further reduce their impact on the planet.

Team 7 Atelier Adjustable height desk

Team 7 Atelier Adjustable height desk

James also mentioned that he is working with Blu Homes, a modern pre-fab, totally green home builder, to outfit the model homes being constructed in Calgary, followed by Toronto, then Vancouver.

While there are other distributors of Team 7 furniture in Canada, to the best of James’ knowledge, Greyhorne Interiors is the only Canadian showroom.

You can visit Greyhorne Interiors at 1134 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON, or check out their website.

(note: this post was recently updated. Greyhorne Interiors used to be elevenfiftyfour.)


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