If there is one place you can justify not having a low-flow faucet, it’s the kitchen. That might seem counter-intuitive, but we have a low-flow kitchen faucet and trust me — I can practically bake a cake in the amount of time it takes to fill a stockpot with water! …Okay, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it does take a long time.

Delta faucets have some great options to help you save water in the kitchen. Delta faucet’s “Multi-Flow” technology has been designed into two different kitchen faucet styles and offers two different flow rates. It delivers water at 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) as a default setting. This is perfect for rinsing hands, dishes or vegetables. However, when you need an additional boost for, say, filling that stockpot or kitchen sink, press a button and the flow rate becomes 2.0 gpm. Once you turn the faucet off it automatically resets to 1.5 gpm.

Delta faucets offer a few different styles of kitchen faucet with these technologies:


Addison Faucet

Addison Series


The Addison kitchen faucet includes both Touch2O and Multi-Flow technologies. It also includes a pull-down sprayer so you can easily wash fruits and vegetables. It’s available in three finishes: Chrome, Venetian Bronze and Stainless Steel.

The Linden series kitchen faucet also offers Multi-Flow technology, but not Touch2O technology.

Faucets with flow rates of 1.5 gpm are 32% more efficient than standard faucets with 2.2 gpm flow rates and can help you save money on your water bill.




There are 3 series that offer Touch2O technology: Addison, Pilar, and Trinsic.

Trinsic Series

Trinsic Series

Delta Faucets has a great website which allows you to select kitchen faucets with specific features. There are also several videos explaining how their different technologies work. For more information about Multi-Flow technology, watch this video: http://www.deltafaucet.ca/smart-solutions/multiflow.html

For more information about Touch2O technology, watch this video: http://www.deltafaucet.ca/smart-solutions/touch2o-technology.html


Pilar Series

Pilar Series

To find a Delta distributor near you, visit the Delta Faucet website.

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