EcoFitt is a Mississauga, Ontario-based company that has been in the background of water and energy conservation for several years. The company works primarily with utility companies such as Enbridge, Union Gas, BC Hydro  and Manitoba Hydro and provides them with energy and water saving kits that the companies in turn give to some of their customers.

In the past six years I’ve lived in two different homes, and in both of them I have had visits from Enbridge representatives giving me a free energy and water-saving kit in addition to the offer of installing the items. The kit contained a water-saving shower head, two faucet aerators, a compact fluorescent light bulb — maybe two, I can’t remember anymore –and a few other things to help our household conserve water and electricity. Both of these kits, it turns out, were provided to Enbridge by EcoFitt.

Now, however, in addition to working with utility companies, EcoFitt is reaching out directly to consumers and property managers to help them save money and conserve resources. While they don’t have a retail store, all of their products are conveniently available through their website.

I spoke with Melinda DeNicola, Director of Marketing for EcoFitt, about a few of the products they carry.

There are a few different kinds available depending on what your needs are. Each of the kits is geared towards a specific goal. For instance, the “gas energy efficiency kit”  ($57.70) includes weatherstripping and ShrinkFit plastic sheeting that helps insulate old, drafty windows. It also includes a water-efficient shower-head and some aerators.

The “electric” energy kit ($32.80) aims at helping you lower your electric bill by providing you with a thermometer for your fridge (most people set their fridges and freezers too cold but don’t know it), an air filter whistle (it whistles when your air filter is dirty and needs changing — simple idea to increase energy efficiency!), two CFLs and 12 draft stoppers for your plug outlets. (Note: I noticed from the photos that the light switch and electrical outlet plates they’re showing are the older style. If you have a newer home with more modern square light switches, make sure you ask whether or not they carry those kinds of plates).

One of EcoFitt’s most popular items is their water-saving Niagara toilet line. They carry three different models including the Niagara Power 1.0 GPF pressure-assist toilet, which, as the name suggests, uses 1 gallon (3.8L) of water to flush ($395.60).

LED Lighting by Fawoo. A Korean company that makes high-quality LED lights at a reasonable price. They have unique 3W and 4W bulbs, the “04 LumiDas-H Spot” that were developed to replace the halogen 50W spot light. While not yet up on the Eco-Fitt website, these 3 and 4W bulbs are available in “warm” and “daylight” lighting temperatures. For LEDs they are reasonably priced at $28/bulb. According to the Fawoo brochure, the lights are

[m]ade of flame-resistant plastic instead of aluminum, the lamp saves dramatically its manufacturing cost and made it affordable at the price of 40% below than the existing equivalent LED lamps.

The quality of an LED light rests as much on design as it does on the quality of the chip that it uses. In this case the chip manufacturer is Nichia, a reputable chip manufacturer, according to Dmitri Shaffer, LED Lighting specialist. (Note, for a thorough explanation of how to choose LED lights, read “LED Lighting Illuminated.”)

Programmable Thermostat. The programmable thermostat is a great item for helping any household improve its energy efficiency. The problem with many programmable thermostats is that they don’t get used properly because people don’t know how to program them. Eco-Fitt now offers a Thermostat installation service (additional charge for thermostat installation), and the HVAC professional who installs it will also be able show you how to operate it.

Rebates: EcoFitt’s products qualify for local government rebates depending on where you live, however, you do have to do the paperwork yourself.

If you’re interested in increasing the energy and water efficiency of your home, but don’t feel like braving the cold temperatures and snow we’ve had lately, browse through EcoFitt’s website and order products from the comfort of your home.

For more information visit their website:

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