Grand Bend, Lake Huron: a beautiful great lake!

Canadians are huge water wasters. Per capita we use an average of 326 litres of water daily, second in the world in water consumption only to Americans at 426 litres daily[source]. Water seems plentiful because it’s priced cheaply, but it’s a luxury we can’t continue to squander. This past winter brought little snowfall which means that lake levels are significantly lower than last year — in fact, the Great Lakes are lower by about 7 inches on average [source]. Combine that with ever growing populations and increased water demand and those Great Lakes aren’t going to be so great anymore if we continue on our current path.

If you’re as much of a fan of these beautiful lakes as I am — and happen to be near Elmvale, ON — you’ll want to take part in the Elmvale Water Festival and Environmental Trade Show being held this Saturday at the Elmvale Fairgrounds. Robert Sanford, Director of the Western Watersheds Research Climate Collaborative will be the keynote speaker and will discuss what needs to happen in the future for all the different parties to use water without conflict. From residential to processing and manufacturing to agriculture and mining, water plays a dominant role in all of these arenas. James Gordon, co-founder of the Wellington Water Watchers, will be presenting on the sustainability of municipal water supplies.

This is a great family event. In addition to the environmental trade show, there will be games, music, activities and face painting for the kids and lunch will be a delicious 100 mile diet theme.  For more information on the festival, see the website page:

All attendees will receive a new, non-toxic reusable, dishwasher safe water bottle.


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