Euroshield is a rubber roofing product that has been manufactured in Calgary, Alberta for the last 13 years.  It is made from 75% recycled rubber tires and 20% other recycled material for a total of 95% recycled material. Each new roof contains between 250 and 1000 rubber tires, and any scraps produced during installation can be collected and recycled into new product (depending on location).

There are four product lines:

  • EuroSlate, mimics the look of slate. Available in Brownstone, Greystone and Blackstone colours.
  • EuroShake, mimics the look of cedar shakes — available in either the hand split or taper-sawn looks and three colours: weathered brown, grey and black.

Both the EuroSlate and EuroShake are the original products developed by EuroShield. They are about 3/4″ thick at the butt end and interlock using a tongue and groove system. They weigh approximately 3.3lbs/square foot and need no additional truss support.

  • EuroLite Slate is available in Rustic Brown, Sterling Grey and Charcoal Black.
  • EuroLite Shake is available in Woodlands Brown, Silverwood and Saxon Black.

These products are thinner and lighter than the two original products and are less expensive than the original products. EuroLite Slate is 3/8″ at the butt end, EuroLite Shake is 1/2″ at the butt end. The cost for these two products is mid range between asphalt shingles and premium roofing products such as slate, cedar shakes, metal, etc.

Some of the other advantages of these rubber roofing tiles:

  • Durable and maintenance free,
  • Lifetime transferable warranty,
  • Extreme hail resistance,
  • Easy to install (although read installation instructions thoroughly),
  • Quiet, with sound deadening and insulation qualities

I asked Brian Eberle, Marketing Director for Euroshield, about Euroshield’s waste program. He responded:

Our policy is to accept cut waste panel sections free of nails and other contaminants for recycling from anyone who has purchased product, however for practical/cost reasons it tends to be those in Alberta that return scrap material due to reasonable proximity to us.

For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit the EuroShield website.

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