When we buy new electronics to replace our old ones, we often don’t think about what we need to do with the older ones until we get home and realize “we got a situation.” While the city has offered ewaste pick up for awhile, they must have had a difficult time convincing people that they really would pick it up (or people just don’t read their waste calendar with the same fervor that I do). In any event, the city must have decided that the message about their ewaste pickup program wasn’t working because they just released a commercial that really sends the message home.

It’s good to know that someone in the city of Toronto’s bureaucracy has a sense of humour! Gotta love the, er, homage to the used car salespeople and jewlery buyers. Very funny ad that gets the point across that almost any electronic waste is accepted — including your parents’ old mahogany encased TV that you can probably barely get to the curb because it’s so heavy. Well done guys!

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