It’s Arts and Crafts day at BEC Green!! Jim and Peter tell us how to take an old piece of furniture and turn it into something fun. Just follow the instructions below to make this sparkly silver chair. (Editor’s note: I’ve added links to some of the products needed for the project).

And now from Peter and Jim…

Next time you see a lonely old chair on the street waiting for the garbage truck or when you are in a junk store shopping think “Don’t Junk it Funk


With a little imagination and a lot of love you can create your own little treasure! At Masterpiece studios we are all about re-use and recycling to inject a new purpose into a discarded yet still functional piece of furniture.

Many of today’s paint and adhesive products are green with low VOC’s, easy to work with and the result’s… well the sky’s the limit!!!.

That sad little chair now shimmers with a new life. Follow these easy steps to make that garbage discard into a gorgeous delight!

Try this project out for yourself this holiday season to make a statement in your front room, next to your tree or on your front porch – you’ll dazzle your guest with your creativity!

Silver coated chair (close-up)


  • Goodwill Chair (old chair from your basement or curb-side!)
  • White Bonder Primer Sealer Paint
  • Size/Glue (note: a craft store such as Michael’s or DeSerres will carry this and the silver leaf squares)
  • Silver Leaf Squares/Foil
  • Water base Silver Paint
  • Silver Glitter
  • High Gloss Exterior Varnish


  • Wash the chair with warm soapy water to remove any grease, dirt or fingerprints dry completely.
  • Cover table top with newspaper to create a good clean work surface.
  • Remove the seat from the chair frame.
  • Paint the chair frame with a White Bonder Primer and let dry completely.
  • Paint the chair with a water base Size / Glue and let Dry Completely, the size when dry will remain sticky to the touch.
  • Apply the Silver Leaf Squares or transfer Foil to cover the entire Chair.
  • Seal chair with Exterior High Gloss Varnish let dry completely.
  • Paint the old fabric seat with water base silver paint using a small paint roller and tray, apply the silver paint heavy to cover any pattern on the old fabric and sprinkle silver glitter over the chair seat let dry completely.


About Jim and Peter from Masterpiece Studios

Jim and Peter are famously known for their regular appearances on Debbie Travis’ Painted House and Facelift. They are painters and designers and their mantra is “funk it don’t junk it” – they can take a shabby wreck and turn it into a goldmine! They have worked on Celine Dion’s Canadian offices, the home of Rush’s lead guitarist Alex Lifesman, Elton John, Bare Naked Ladies and may more to just name a few.

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