Nickadoo Tree Trunk Table

Instead of turning felled trees into firewood, Nicole Belanger turns them into  individual works of art. Her company, Nickadoo, is in gallery in the distillery district in Toronto and a workshop in Lac Brome, the Eastern Townships, Quebec.

Nicole says, about her work,

Inspired by the natural shapes and textures of the discarded tree trunks I started collecting them from the surrounding lumbering companies and naturally fallen terrain. While working on each piece I try to reveal their inner life by letting the grain, age rings and different layers of bark express themselves and admire any life stories such as gashes from the lumber companies, bear claws, beaver teeth and or deer antler marks


Spike Too tree trunk table

The wood is gathered either from naturally fallen trees, or from nearby (Lac Brome) lumber mills, stumps and leftover pieces that can’t be turned into boards. All wood is salvaged. The logs are thoroughly cleaned without chemicals and kiln dried for four or more weeks. Then the pieces are hand polished and protected with a non-toxic sealant. Legs are added at the end of the process.

They are fun pieces, good conversation starters. Nicole will take custom orders; prices start at $500. Ships anywhere in Canada.

For more photos of her work, visit Nicole’s website. 

Find her work at:

Thompson Landry Gallery “A Taste of Quebec”,
The Distillery District, 52 Gristmill lane,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3C4
tel: 416.364.5020
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By appointment in Lac Brome:
251 Stagecoach,
Quebec, Canada
J0E 1K0
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