I received a notice from The Gap in my in box this morning that I thought I should pass along since there’s nothing on their website about it: Bring in an old pair of jeans (they don’t even have to be Gap jeans) to any Gap store and get 30% off a new pair of jeans.

The old jeans will be shredded and turned in to Ultra Touch cotton insulation for home building projects and benefit Habitat for Humanity.

It’s a win-win situation: old jeans find a second use and avoid landfill.

You get 30% off a new pair of new jeans.

For all the benefits of denim insulation, read the article I wrote about Ultra Touch Cotton insulation here.

Offer is valid between March 5-14th, 2010 in Canada, excluding Vancouver area stores.
For more information on the Blue to Green project, see the website information below:

Blue jeans go green

BEC Green

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