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I don’t normally write about cleaning products — they’re not really in the realm of “building products and materials” but since Gloves Off products are developed by the makers of Concrobium, I really couldn’t say no when I was asked to try them out. When I worked at Homestars, I wrote a post about the wonderful product Concrobium. This is a product that kills mould effectively and safely, is completely non-toxic and way more effective than bleach without the harsh fumes, health and safety or water contamination issues.  Now, the makers of Concrobium have developed two cleaning products under the brand name “Gloves Off”: one is an all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant, the other is a powerful stain remover (including latex paint).

The disinfectant and all-purpose cleaner which is non-toxic, and can be used in place of traditional all-purpose cleaners. It is derived from plant-based extracts and essential oils and is safe for most people to use without gloves. One of the most significant highlights of this product is that it kills viruses (including the H1N1) as well as bacteria.

Its suggested use is for everything from kitchen and bathroom counter tops to pet areas, toilets and diaper pails, athletic gear (there are four sets of smelly hockey gear in our basement that could use a little attention). It contains no ammonia or chlorines, so the fumes aren’t harmful — and yes, I used it without wearing gloves.

I used it to clean my glass shower door, lots and lots of finger prints on walls (which it did without removing the paint), and all bathroom and counter top surfaces. The point of this product is that it takes the place of chemical-based cleaners and it still cleans effectively. It does not need to be diluted, and works quickly. Because it’s also a disinfectant it’s good for toilets, and litter boxes. Currently it’s registered with Health Canada.

One note about the All-Purpose Cleaner: it has a strong smell which could make you think it’s loaded with chemicals, however, it’s just the thyme oil — and if you’re like me, you like some sort of clean smell after you’ve done all that work, it’s a reminder of why you’ve worked so hard in the first place!

The Stain Remover is a non-toxic, plant-based paint and stain remover. Instead of using chemicals to breakdown the stain or paint, “the product penetrates deep into sticky messes to help lift and remove even the most difficult stains.” I tried it in place of Spray and Wash on my son’s red clay laden baseball socks with success where laundry detergent alone had failed.

I also used it for the annual barbecue cleaning. It’s not one of my favourite jobs, but it needs to be done if I don’t want the fire engines causing a blockade on our street! Again it was safe, effective and grease free. So, the same product I used on my son’s socks I was able to use on our barbeque.  It also worked on removing a few minor leftover paint spills that had been left after our house was painted last fall. Again, like the all-purpose cleaner I used it without gloves.

Gloves Off Stain and Paint Remover has been given the “Design for the Environment” designation from the US EPA. It’s a designation given to companies recognized for developing and promoting safer chemistry and using less hazardous chemicals in the consumer products.

Gloves Off Stain Remover is available at Canadian Tire and ICI Paint Stores in Canada and Home Depot in the US.

Gloves Off All-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant will be available soon. Tip: visit their website to print off a $2 off coupon the stain remover or carpet care products.

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