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Building Envelope

Foundation Wrap and sealers:

Insulated Concrete Forms:


SIPS (structural insulated panels):


Venting Products for Building Envelopes:


Roofing Materials:

Sealants and Adhesives:





Wood Products (excluding Flooring):

I. Millwork materials


II. FSC lumber


Mechanical Systems (HVAC, Hot Water, etc.)


Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilator:


Heating Units:

Cooling Units:


Hot Water Heaters and Accessories



Indoor Air Quality

Counter top and tile material

Coatings and Paints:


I. Bamboo

II. Carpet

III. Cork Flooring

IV. FSC Wood Flooring

V. Natural Linoleum

VI. Reclaimed Wood Flooring

VII. Porcelain Tile

VIII. Modified Wood Products for outdoor use (ie., decking)


Kitchen Products

Outdoor Landscaping

Window Coverings

Water Efficiency Products

I. Water Fixtures

II. Toilets

III. Gray water and Water cisterns and Rainbarrels

Furniture and Accessories:

Prefabricated/Modular Homes

“Green” Houses

Resource Articles


Energy Efficiency Articles:

Living Green Products

Energy Efficiency Products and Services

Renewable Energy Products

Wind Turbines:



  1. Cathy Rust says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your note. You are right! I forgot to add Nadurra, although wrote an entire post on you a few years ago and mention your selection of reclaimed wood. I will add it to the list. 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Cathy, not sure if you know as I don’t see us listed in your Reclaimed Wood section here, but Nadurra does reclaimed wood flooring in our Reclaimed Heritage line.
    The line is much fuller than the website shows and I can send you a full brochure if you want.
    Thanks. Michael.

  3. Cathy Rust says:

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for getting in touch! I have not yet profiled Healthy Home Consultants, but would be happy to do so. Contact me directly so we can set up an interview. Email: cathy “at”

  4. Anne Stewart says:

    I wonder if you ever profile Healthy Home consultants? There are a few of us in Ontario (with different businesses) and we all have the Bau-biologie training: Steven Collette, Robert Stellar, Rob Metzinger, Caroline Berass, John Harbarenko, and myself Anne Stewart. We all have a slightly different angle and specialities (due to our backgrounds our former training/career and interests) but it might make a good article… for example 2 people are former electronics people, one is a naturopath, one a health inspector, one a building scientist!

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