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Green Building Stores

You may not know exactly what you want or you may know what you want but maybe you have some further questions. The product experts in these stores can help you understand better the products they have and whether they are suitable for your needs.

The Cork House

The Cork House is located in Oakville, Ontario. It is the showroom for Jelinek cork products. It features a vareity of building products as well as gifts and has some other eco-friendly, complimentary products such as American Clay.


Eco Building Resource

Eco Building Resource in Aurora, ON is a one-stop shop for green builders and DIYers who want better building materials. Kevin Royce is very helpful and will be able to suggest alternatives to traditional building materials.


Living Rooms EcoLogical Building & Living

Living Rooms is a healthy building and lifestyle business in Kingston, ON. It is owned by brothers, John and Michael Sinclair. Their focus is on providing healthy building materials and lifestyle products.


Reclaimed Wood Flooring Companies in Ontario

A list of companies who repurpose old wood into wood planks for flooring and other uses. Wood comes from dismantled barns and factories as well as submerged logs from log runs. 


The Timeless Material Company

The Timeless Material Company in Waterloo, Ontario, is located in an old barn, ironically, in the middle of a tech hub. It sells salvaged materials from old buildings, taking every item of value before demolishing the rest of the building.


BEC Green

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