“Green” Houses

I love houses. More importantly I love green houses. Not “green” like the colour, or “green” as in where you grow your fruits and vegetables (well I do like those too…but that isn’t what this blog is about), but the new trendy, overused “green houses” that are well-insulated, more comfortable, easier to live and breathe in. And most importantly for some (me included), contrary to what you might think “green houses” don’t have to look like they belong in the 23rd century!

Green building  is an emerging field and as more green building materials become available, the consumer will have to become more educated about what’s green and what isn’t (I have a real problem with stone products calling themselves “environmentally friendly”).

But while green houses can lower your carbon footprint, be healthier and more comfortable to live in,  all the while lowering your heating and cooling costs, there’s no doubt that some of the measures are pricey. Whether or not you’re prepared to make the initial investment for the long-term gains will depend a lot on your budget and how long you plan to live in your home.

This blog highlights green building materials on the market and available for those living in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll look at their pros and cons, their costs where possible, and where to track them down.

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Cathy Rust

email: cathy “at” becgreen.ca


  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks Suzanne! Would love to see the energy audit video. Let me know when it’s up!

  2. Suzanne Martineau says:

    Cathy! Love the site and good material. I am just starting up my Blog and have recently created 2 websites – official launces not for 2 more weeks.
    If you are ever writing a piece on waterfront property or cottages – please let me know and I can link to you from my site, or post it as part of my blog too.
    Best of luck with this and congrats on a job well done!
    Suzanne P.S. I will send you a link to my Energy Audit Video Blog soon.

  3. HeatingSave says:

    Energy efficiency is a massive way to retrofit houses to make them ‘greener’. By using a computer algorithm to manage the exact best way to heat your home, you can save both on unnecessary heating and on money due to reduceing your heating bills. It’s Win/Win.

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