Moving with an eco-friendly idea in mind means you will need to take care of many details that have to be checked during the process. You would do well to ensure you will not throw away any possibly non-biodegradable items or other things in the process of moving if you can work on recycling them. Just like other green initiatives around the world, green moving has become more and more popular, allowing moving companies to do their jobs without too many issues involved with polluting the environment during a moving job. The following tips will give you more information you can use to ensure you have an eco-friendly experience in such cases:

  • Simpler living as a beginning

Accumulating fewer items as you go forward will ensure you have an easier time on moving day. This will also help you save up on money and time, so make sure you have a lighter load in the end by keeping things simple around your home.

  • Downsizing your belongings

This is another useful way to deal with the possessions you already have that get in the way. The way to do it is to ensure you do so long before moving day. There are many ways you can achieve that, either by working with classifieds websites or by donating to thrift stores in your area or maybe your local library.

  • Obtaining boxes

There are many types of boxes being sold by companies around the market, but most people tend to either throw them away after using them or selling them, so chances are you can find quite a bit out there if you know where to look. Ask your moving company if they sell used boxes. They will be a fraction of the price of new ones as well as being in good shape. Retail stores are one good location, a place where you can find large boxes in the backroom that may be given to you if asked, instead of being recycled. You can also find a good amount of boxes in these stores being sold anyway, but chances are they will not have the necessary size for all your items, so you may need more. Classifieds websites are also another great location to look for possible boxes you can use, second-hand of course but still quite useful.

  • Renting of boxes

Some companies will instead offer some recycled boxes as an alternative to what you already have going in most stores. They can be rented as you need them and then returned or mailed back to the company to ensure their prolonged life. Renting moving boxes has become the latest trend in cutting down on waste. Companies rent sturdy, plastic boxes for a limited amount of time.

  • Choosing packing supplies

There are some products that are amazing at what they do, such as bubble wrap, but they also tend to be petroleum based and take an awful long time to dissolve in normal conditions. You would do well to use alternatives, such as towel, blankets and (no joke here) even plain popcorn. The last one works almost as well as packing peanuts but with the added benefit of being completely biodegradable and not a petroleum product.

There are many companies out there that feed their trucks with biodiesel fuels, who also offer packing boxes you can rent, recyclable pads and more. Check out several companies and inquire about their environmental practices if you want to stay green and keep your carbon footprint low.

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