For years I’ve read with envy about GreenBuild International Conference and Expo — the largest green building conference in North America. GreenBuild is jammed packed with new building materials, as well as seminars with the foremost thinkers and doers in green building. It’s a fantastic “meeting of the minds” place and I’ve always wanted to go. So this year it’s in Toronto. The first time it’s being held outside the US. It’s also the year we decided to pack up our family and move to Montreal (d’oh!)….timing is everything.

So I’m making my pilgrimage back to my fair city to enjoy learning all about the leading edge materials that the exhibitors will be displaying at Greenbuild. Of course, my goal is to find those great products that are available to Torontonians, Montrealers and residents of Ottawa (Ottawanians? Ottawagonians? What are you called?) in particular as well as hear about what’s in store for future projects.

If you’d like to know more about GreenBuild, here is the website.

If you’d like to follow tweets, the hashtags are #greenbuild and #gbnext. Follow @USGBC on Twitter for up to the minute information on what’s happening.

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