Heatwave Radiator by Jaga

One of the things I do on a regular basis is troll the internet for cool green products that you can get in Toronto. If I can’t buy them here, well then there’s that expression with the words “green” and “envy” in it…but I refuse to lower myself to something so cliché!

In any event, while reading one of my favourite blogs, Re-nest (now Apartment Therapy Green Living), I came across this totally cool radiator. No, it’s art! No, it’s a radiator! …It’s actually both.

This radiator is the “Heatwave” part of Jaga’s “Eye Catcher” Series. Form and function in one. Finally a radiator for which you don’t need a cover!

In addition to the Heatwave, Jaga makes a line of “Low H2O radiators” which function at least 10% more efficiently than your “old ironsides.”

If you have lived in a house with old iron radiators you’ll understand how uneven the heat they produce can be. If it’s a big room they tend to be burning hot and are unresponsive to abrupt temperature changes.  Part of the problem is the thermal mass of the iron. It heats up and cools down slowly because it’s so big and heavy. Another issue is the amount and temperature of the water the old rads need to use for heating.

Knock On Wood Low H2O Radiator by Jaga

Strada Low H2O Radiator by Jaga

Advantages of Low H2O radiators:

  • The low H2O radiator has a small mass with a low water input. This means it can respond very quickly to temperature changes.
  • It’s thin so it takes up less space (The Strada 10 model measures less than 5″ in depth).
  • On average these units can cut a heating bill by 10% based on using identical water temperatures as a traditional panel radiator would use. Further, your overall heating bill could be even lower if low H2O radiators are used throughout the house.
  • These radiators work by convection as opposed to radiant heat, which accounts for its efficiency and even heat throughout the room.
  • A Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) fan can be added to any unit. It uses minimal electricity, makes almost no sound but can increase the radiator’s efficiency by up to 200% and often more. (Note, the DBE cost will double the radiator cost, however, because output is so much more it’s possible that smaller and fewer units will be needed.
  • Ideal for use with condensing boilers, or paired with radiant in-floor heating and geo-thermal systems.
  • Can be mixed in with traditional systems, however a temperature adjustment valve must be added to each old (cast iron) radiator. Approximate cost: $100 per valve.



Small:             Height: 21″                     Length: 30″                              Price: $2,627.50 Cdn
Medium:       Height: 28″                     Length: 57″                              Price:  $4028.00 Cdn
Large:             Height: 40″                    Length: 82″                              Price: $8,759.50 Cdn

Strada wall mounted cabinet :  Type 10 Height: 19.5″     Length: 39.5″     Price:  $427.50 Cdn (comes in a variety of colours)
Tempo wall mounted cabinet:  Type 10 Height: 12″        Length: 39.5″     Price:  $326.00 Cdn (available in black or white)
Knockonwood wall mounted:   Type 10 Height: 12″        Length: 39,5″     Price:  $1,177.00 Cdn (available in several different wood finishes)

Note: prices are for radiator only. Installation and plumbing adjustment costs are not included. Check with Dealer for exact details. To locate distributors in other areas, click here.

Toronto Distributor:

Mech Tech MKTG Inc.
996 A Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3G7

Phil Lewis
Tel.: 416-597-8663
Fax: 866-296-6771

For complete information on Jaga radiators, visit Jaga Canada.

::via Re-nest.

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