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Everyone wants the best for their property and do their best to improve it every now and again. Decorating your home is one of the easiest ways to make your place feel like new, without really making that big of a change. When it comes to decorating of walls, it is necessary to mention the trend that has been in the spotlight recently, i.e. green walls, also known as living walls or vertical gardens. Living walls are self-sufficient gardens that are attached to indoor or outdoor walls of a property. Such walls easily make a significant change to a place and turn in into a lovely natural area. Vertical gardening is a great method to grow plants in a more innovative and unconventional way and is also a wonderful solution for properties, where it’s not possible to have a garden.

There are many reasons why more and more people have started to invite this new trend to their homes. Here is some more information about living walls and their number of benefits presented by London gardeners.

 Living Walls

This type of decoration is called so because the plants of the living wall are rooted to a structure, that is attached to the wall itself and they receive the  nutrients and water from the specific structure. Living walls are different from ivy walls, which receive the necessary elements from the ground.

Better Air Quality

The presence of a living wall in a property has shown significant improvement in terms of air quality. A living wall can help clean the air at home in a natural way and thus improve its quality much more effectively that an air-conditioner could, for example. Green walls serve as natural filters and purify the air by releasing oxygen in the room and giving people the chance to breathe clean air. Placed in any kind of indoor space, such as a home or an office, a green wall can help improve the health of people, who spend time there by providing them with much cleaner and fresher air.

Beautiful Décor

Another amazing advantage of green walls is the fact that they add an incomparable touch to a place. Living walls are not only beautiful but extremely impressive as well. There are different types of living walls, which vary size and type of the plants that are attached to them. Depending on a person’s specific preferences, there is a wide choice of living walls to add to a place and achieve the wanted effect. Having living walls in a property, it is easy to create a wonderful natural environment and make the entire place much more attractive and interesting. In an office or a commercial building, for instance, having a green wall is a certain way to impress your clients and make them remember your business.

Less Noise

Another good side of having a living wall at home or at work is the fact that it reduces the level of noise in the room. It might sound strange but plants can indeed decrease the noise levels and create a much more peaceful environment. Properties that are located in busy and noisy areas could really use this incredible advantage that living walls bring and thus limit disturbance created by traffic and other everyday noises.


The last but not least advantage of living walls is the fact that they reduce energy costs on air conditioning. The change they make is significant. Statistics carried in the United States showed that energy  costs dropped astronomically with the presence of living walls. In the summer, a green wall naturally cools the air around it and in the winter, it works as insulation and reduces the need for heating.

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