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When you think of  “green” flooring you will most likely think of wood and cork, and for carpeting, wool and natural grasses. Linoleum, however, which has been around since the end of the 19th century is another one of the original “green” flooring materials. Over the years, the term “linoleum” has been used for almost any flexible tile flooring — and slowly, the majority of linoleum tile has been replaced by PVC-based (polyvinylchloride) flooring because it is so much more cost effective to produce.

Environmental benefits of Marmoleum:

Marmoleum is an excellent flooring choice if you’re concerned about your environmental footprint. The company itself is constantly looking for ways to decrease its energy consumption. For instance, in 2003, they stopped drying the linoleum in light-intensive drying rooms, and instead built greenhouses and use sun power to dry the tiles. The investment in the greenhouses has saved the company a considerable amount of money.

Linoleum itself is made almost entirely from renewable resources and consists of a combination of pine rosin, linseed oil, wood and cork flours, and limestone powder. Jute is used for the backing. Colour dyes are derived from natural pigments.

The company has produced several brochures on the enviromental benefits of choosing Marmoleum, and has been endorsed by many environmental organizations around the world.

Flooring benefits of Marmoleum:

In addition to the environmental benefits of Marmoleum, there are several material benefits that make it an excellent flooring choice for homes. Marmoleum is:

  • resilient (great for kitchens and other places where people are standing most of the time)
  • easy to clean and low maintenance
  • durable and can stand up to high traffic areas (needs replacing less often)
  • anti-static (good in areas where there are a lot of electronic items such as TV rooms and offices)
  • hypo-allergenic (Marmoleum Click is endorsed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America)
  • low VOC therefore no off-gassing of harmful chemicals
  • available in a variety of colours and sheet or tile options providing great design options.

Marmoleum Click can be installed without glues in various tile options.
You can buy Marmoleum
through or through these Toronto retailers:

Allan Rug Company Limited
103 Miranda Ave
M6B 3W8 Toronto
phone: (416) 787-1707
Avenue Interiors
1900 Avenue Road North
M5M 3Z8 Toronto
phone: (416) 781-3005
Barton Limited
1276 Queen Street West
M6K 1L4 Toronto
phone: (416) 538-2164
Danmar Surfaces
20 Bermondsey Road
M4B 1Z5 Toronto
phone: (416) 678-2226
Décor Terminal
1554 Dundas Street
M6K 1T8 Toronto
phone: (416) 537-3467
Downtown Rug & Flooring Co LTD
474 Queen Street West
M5V 2B2 Toronto
phone: (416) 703-1050
Horseshoe Valley Flooring
4476 Chesswood Drive
Unit 3
M3J 2B9 Toronto
phone: (416) 636-2704
Interiors Only Inc.
2316 Bloor Street West
M6S 1P2 Toronto
phone: (416) 767-3666
M & M Carpet
1562 Queen Street West
M6R 1A6 Toronto
phone: (416) 536-7875
Merit Decorating
700 College St
M6G 1C1 Toronto
phone: (416) 534-6337
Millenia Flooring Design
1500 Lodestar Road
M3J 3C1 Toronto
phone: (416) 630-3323
Millenia IT Carpet Inc
4100 Chesswood Drive, Unit #103A
M3J 2B9 Toronto
phone: (416) 630-3323
Modern Linoleum & Supplies LTD
839 College Street
M6H 1A1 Toronto
phone: (416) 536-5748
P S Floorcoverings of Toronto
8 Hafis Road
M6M 2V7 Toronto
phone: (416) 248-8383
Peacock Carpet & Tile Limited
3367 Lakeshore BLVD West
M8W 1H1 Toronto
phone: (416) 251-6601
Petch Tiles Inc
3619 Dundas Street West
M6S 2T2 Toronto
phone: (416) 762-7357
Pollocks Carpet Market
349 Roncesvalles Ave
M6R 2M8 Toronto
phone: (416) 535-1160
Regal Decorating Centre
3079 Danforth Avenue
M1L 1A8 Toronto
phone: (416) 698-1141
Reliable Carpet & Paint
772 Dundas Street West
M6J 1V1 Toronto
phone: (416) 603-8952
Selyans Oriental Rugs
112 Oakdale Road
M3N 1V9 Toronto
phone: (416) 741-5990
Stradwicks Ltd (Toronto)
10 Banigan Drive
M4H 1E9 Toronto
phone: (416) 489-2164
Tony’s Flooring Centre
268 Royal York
M8V 2V9 Toronto
phone: (416) 255-9631
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