New products from Kevin Royce over at Eco Building Resource:

Enviro Poxy EP 100

An advanced environmentally friendly, two component, 100% solids epoxy coating system.  

No VOC’s. No solvents. No water.

No harmful fumes and virtually no odor.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved.

Ideal for warehouses, schools, hospitals and where ever a durable & safe finish is required.

1 litre kit approx. coverage 100 sq.ft  $39.95

4 litre kit approx. coverage 400 sq.ft  $119.95                                        



A revolutionary new product that eliminates dirty, dusty floor vents during construction.

A durable frame that provides a perfect flange for any flooring abutment.


A removable, re-usable filter and grill.


Made In Canada from recycled materials.


$7.39 ea.







The only attic insulating cover that safely protects all recessed can light fixtures from overheating and energy loss.


Conserves up to 98% of the energy that would be otherwise be lost through make-shift barriers, and safely vents away excess heat that would be trapped in other types of light covers.

Low Profile Series $25.95 ea.

Universal Series $29.95 ea.                                                                    



  For more information about any of the above products, please visit the Eco Building Resource website or call 877-741-3535.

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