So, here is where Twitter really shows its value. I’m perhaps not the most loyal Twitter user in the world, I don’t spend a lot of time on it, or otherwise nothing else would get done. But often I find really neat people and organizations who follow me, or I follow them so I do see its value. Sometimes I find out about great new products or stores, often I’ll click on a link that leads me to an interesting environmental article.

Last week, Jim Murray, a fellow tweeter, asked for “green bloggers in Toronto” to contact him and his announcement went out via Twitter. I happened to see it and responded, and in so doing was introduced to a great and much needed website: “Our Green Directory.”

Our Green Directory is a new directory which lists information on green products and services available across Canada. New businesses are constantly being added, so you need to check back often. The categories cover food, recycling services, home and garden, energy efficiency, etc. There are many unusual and unique products and services so the directory is worth a good browse. I found Earthcalm, a business that helps protect against electromagnetic pollution. Then there’s Chocosol, one of my all-time favourite companies (they make fairtrade chocolate), and finally there’s the Vortex Fuel Systems company that will help you reduce your car’s gas emissions and increase fuel efficiency. I could stay on the site for hours.

BEC Green

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