There is a nifty Toronto-based company I recently discovered that makes the coolest product: a fabric that actually cleans the air in the room it’s in. PureScreen was developed by Sun Glow, a Toronto window-coverings manufacturer. According to Sun Glow’s website, all of their fabrics have the following characteristics:

  • They offer solar protection
  • They’re PVC free
  • They’re 100% recyclable
  • They’re anti-microbial, anti-fungal and lead-free
  • They’re energy efficient.

Now Sun Glow has come out with a new fabric, PureScreen, which also cleans the air as well as offer all of the above characteristics.

PureScreen is actually a coating applied to fabric. It works as a catalytic converter for any toxins in the room air converting them into carbon dioxide and water.  I contacted Vivian Kanargelidis of Sun Glow asked her about the water produced. I wondered if it left a film on the blind but she responded:

The water is at a molecular level and just evaporates.  Because it is a conversion and not a filter, there is no change in the fabric and the coating does not lose effectiveness over time.

In fact, according to the Sunglow website the fabric has a pretty strong air cleaning capability:

In a testing room with a constantly evaporating formaldehyde
gas source, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air has
been reduced by PureScreen from 0.12ppm to 0.04ppm
within 5 hours.
1m2 of PureScreen™  can convert as much as 49mg of
formaldehyde within the first 48 hours. This corresponds to an
approximate evaporation of 24kg plywood containing 0.002
mg/g formaldehyde.

Because PureScreen is actually just a coating, I wondered if it could be applied to any fabric. Vivian said that currently the coating has only been applied to one fabric, but they are working on applying it to other fabrics. Available fabric colours are white, cream and gray, in both translucent and blackout fabrics.

The cost of the fabric depends on quantity, and because Sunglow is the manufacturer, it does not sell direct to the consumer. There are, however, numerous distributors throughout Toronto and Canada.

I can see this fabric being great in any new home (where chemical off-gassing would be relatively high), or for people who have asthma, where there is smoking in the home, or the fireplace is used frequently.

Please contact Sun Glow for more information.

Sun Glow Window Covering Products of Canada Ltd.
50 Hollinger Road, Toronto, ON M4B 3G5
p.  416.266.3501 800.668.1728
f. 416.266.5484   877.245.9943


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