A friend of mine has a watersaving showerhead she doesn’t like. It’s so weak in terms of water flow that she can never get all of the shampoo out of her hair. Now she and her husband sneak down to their basement bathroom because the shower has a “normal” showerhead. Needless to say, a “water-saving showerhead” only saves water if it’s actually used!

This is one of the problems with a lot of low-flow showerheads; because the design of many of them use water flow restriction to cut water useage, the result tends to be that the water pressure isn’t powerful enough to rinse all that soap and shampoo properly. We tend to compensate by either taking longer showers or reverting to our old showerheads.

Oxygenics, a company out of water-starved Nevada, has developed a really interesting shower head that gives you the same water pressure you’re used to, while using at least one third less water of a regular shower (assuming an average water pressure of 50 psi). Oxygen is drawn up through inlets around the showerhead and immediately fed back into the showerhead, absorbed into the water droplets themselves, and helping force the water through the tube and out the nozzle. The pressure is equal to a regular showerhead’s but uses less water — anywhere from 30% to 66% depending on the model. According to the website, the average Canadian home’s water pressure is 50 psi (pounds per square inch). While an average showerhead uses about 2.5 gallons of water per minute (almost 9.5 litres/minute) the Oxygenics 2.5 GPM showerheads use 1.75 GPMs.  As water pressure increases, so does the amount of water used.

The inside of an Oxygenics Showerhead

These showerheads are also guaranteed not to clog so their effectiveness lasts as long as the life of the showerhead. They are also guaranteed for 30 years.

A final note: There are, apparently, health benefits using this showerhead as well. According to the website, as you age, levels of oxygen in your body start to decrease and cause a break down in collagen and elastin. The Oxygenics showerheads bring oxygen into the water, and your skin absorbs as much of that oxygen as it needs from the water left on your skin. Hmm. As skeptical as I am about the health benefits of this showerhead, at least the water-saving benefits have my attention.

Oxygenics showerheads are available in various water-saving styles, three of which are highlighted below:

Oxygenics Elite Showerhead

1. The Elite model ($49.99): Available in brushed nickel, this is a super water-saving showerhead. It uses about 0.8GPMs (3 litres/minute) at a pressure of 50 psi.

Oxygenics Skin Care Model

2. The “Skin Care” (original) model ($34.99).  One of the things that Oxygenics notes is that you can actually look better using this showerhead.

Oxygenics Tri Spa

3. The Tri Spa model ($54.99). Offers three different sprays and the same water conservation actions as the Skin Care model. This model is available “fixed” or “hand held” ($59.99).

Available directly through the Oxygenics website.

In Canada visit: https://www.oxygenics.ca/index.php

In the US visit: http://oxygenics.com/

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