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New Products Available at Eco Building Resource

June 24th, 2010

Kevin Royce, owner of Eco Building Resource, has added some new products to his store. Eco Building Resource specializes in green building materials, in particular those that are good for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. He carries a variety of products including water-based stains, low VOC sealants and adhesives, radiant barrier vapour wraps, cork flooring and Logs End salvaged wood flooring.

Below are some of his newest additions:

DMX Flexsheet

DMX FlexSheet™ is the leader in Foundation Wraps. It is the air-gap membrane that exceeds today’s most demanding building codes. The average 6’ roll of DMX FlexSheet contains 300 recycled detergent bottles!! $161.79/roll. (dimensions: 6.5′ x 65.5′)

Accuvent Catherdral Ceiling Vent

Accuvent Cathedral Ceiling Vents. Designed specifically for cathedral ceilings:

  • 100% recycled PVC
  • Work with all insulation types
  • Provides efficient airflow

Quick & easy installation. $4.99 each.

Concrete Counters and Sinks

Concrete Counters and Sinks, Locally manufactured to your specifications. A beautiful sustainable finish to your kitchen or bathroom. Call for a quote.


StoneRox, The Natural Stone Alternative. Versatile and functional. Available in a wide array of colours and styles  Precision Ledge

100 sf minimum order.


EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Infrared Even,Soft Flawless heat that does not consume oxygen. Coverage area up to 1000 sq.ft. Weighs just  26 lbs

Pays for itself in a couple of months. Cost: $499 plus tax.

Bakor Waterproof Foundation Coating

Bakor 700-01 Waterproof Foundation Coating, Odourless, Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, Contains no asbestos or volatile compounds. Heavy Brush consistency. $59.99 plus tax (18.9 litre can).

FSC Lumber

LUMBER Products FSC Stick Lumber & NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) Sheet Goods. Call or Email for details and quote.

ECO Building Resource Ltd.

136 Wellington Street East,
Aurora, Ontario, L4G 1J1

Tel: (905) 841-3535
Toll free (outside GTA): 1-877-741-3535
Fax: (905) 841-3536


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Are stone countertops eco-friendly?

May 17th, 2010

CaesarStone collection

The “greeness” of  stone counter tops is a conumdrum I have been wrestling with over the years. You can get LEED points for using stone countertops because of their benefits to indoor air quality. But generally speaking, in the true sense of the word, stone countertops are not green. Stone is a massively energy and water intensive product to produce. Producers tout its “natural qualities.” Stone may be natural, but that doesn’t mean that all natural things are safe or responsible to use. If that were the case you could argue that petroleum is a natural product too.

But let’s be realistic: A lot of us love stone countertops. They’re nice to look at, they’re sleek, they’re fairly easy to clean and they can last and last without fading and can, to a certain extent, be revived or refurbished when they get too rough looking. So, whether we like it or not, stone countertops are going to be around for awhile.

Cambria quartz countertop

That being said, if you could choose a more “eco-friendly” stone, assuming there is such a thing, you would look for stone manufacturers that are conscientious about how they produce their stone, and you would look for stone that stands up to the test of time. Some stones are more durable than others and will last for 100s of years if looked after properly. Others, like the prima dona marble counter tops in my kitchen, will be worn out within a few years unless they’re taken extra, really good care of.

If I were to choose a stone countertop I would choose a quartz-based product. Quartz is the fourth hardest natural substance and is one of the most common substances on earth. Quartz countertops have many advantages over granite, marble, soapstone and limestone countertops. Quartz countertops are:

  • low maintenance and never need to be sealed,
  • non-porous so they are stain and bacteria-resistant,
  • available in a wide variety of colours and edging finishes,
  • generally come with a 10 year warranty (check your manufacturer for specific warranty)
  • Greenguard approved — which is given to products with high indoor air quality value. These products don’t off-gas any harmful chemicals.

Quartz manufacturers:

Two quartz manufacturers stand out when it comes to their environmental commitments.

CaesarStone not only offers a line of products which includes up to 42% post-consumer recycled material, its manufacturing and transportation practices are central to its environmental commitment.

Cambria: According to its website, its quartz is mostly mined and manufactured in the USA. The company recycles 100% of water used in the manufacturing process and even recycles storm water captured on the property. Environmental best practices are used throughout the manufacturing and packaging of Cambria products and even within its head office. See here for more details.

To find a CaesarStone dealer near you, click here.

To find a Cambria dealer near you, click here.

IceStone Countertops: Recycled Glass and Concrete

January 29th, 2010

Recycled glass countertops are gaining popularity in home design, and if you’ve seen them you understand why. From solid glass countertops that evoke images of the ocean or Georgian Bay, to spectacular counters of glass chips embedded in concrete, recycled glass countertops are nothing short of stunning. IceStone is available in Ontario (there are two other kinds of recycled glass countertops, Bio-Glass and Vertrazzo, but neither are commonly available here yet).



IceStone is made in Brooklyn, New York. The glass used is either post-consumer (think Perrier bottles and Skye Vodka bottles), or post-industrial glass depending on the colour of the recycled glass countertops  you want.
A few facts about IceStone:

  • It’s available in 29 different colours,
  • Cost varies on style chosen, but a rough guide is between $80-$160/square foot installation,
  • Care: It requires sealing once every 12-18 months because it is a cement product,
  • If sealed properly, it will not stain easily,
  • It does not chip easily,
  • The product is a mixture of 80% recycled glass and 20% concrete (no fillers in the concrete). It’s made by binding the recycled glass in tinted concrete (to match or complement the glass chips) and polished to a high gloss. Recycled glass countertops can be honed, if you prefer,
  • Lifespan: the same as natural stone if installed and cared for properly,
  • End of lifespan: IceStone can be crushed and used to make paving materials and other similar items.
  • It’s received the C2C Gold certification from MBDC an independent third party certification design firm,
  • Shipping method: to Canada, shipping is usually done by truck.
  • One final note: if your contractor has never worked with IceStone before, ask your vendor to recommend an installer who is already familiar with the product.

Where to buy:

Moscone Marble and Granite
8830 Jane Street
Vaughn, ONT L4K 2M9
Telephone: (905) 856 8400
Fax: (905) 761 9522

Ultra Stone Inc.
21 Kenview Blvd., Unit #20
Brampton, ON L6T 5G7
Telephone: (905) 789 1900
Fax: (905) 789 1997

CB Marble Craft LTD.
17 Airview Rd.
Toronto, ON M9W 4P1
Telephone: (416) 741 1585
Fax: (416) 741 6373

EcoInhabit: Earth Inspired Living
121 Old Highway #26
Meaford, ONT N4L 1W7
Telephone: (519) 538 0777
Fax: (519) 538 0778

8 Crescent Rd Unit B2
Huntsville, ON P1H 0B3
Telephone: (705) 787 0326
Fax: (705) 787 7326


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