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Reflections on a Successful Green Building Festival 2016

October 5th, 2016

This past week I was fortunate to be able to attend the Green Building Fest, an annual event, hosted this year by Sustainable Buildings Canada and the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (IISBE). Watching the presentations was like being on an emotional roller coaster. When the various government officials presented (Glen Murray (minister of the Environment and Climate Change), Alex Woods (policy writer presenting Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan) and Dianne Saxe, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario), I felt depressed and hopeless based on their honest and somewhat depressing view of where we are headed. The news is not good.

I was uplifted, however, by the brilliant and well-prepared presentations from the extraordinarily talented people invited to speak to us about projects in which they are involved that are helping us adapt to climate change. The theme this year was resiliency — because we can no longer prevent climate change, it’s here, so we must prepare ourselves and our communities for the effects of extreme weather events. The presenters gave me hope that we will be able to adjust and adapt, although, make no mistake, it’s going to be messy and ugly and expensive in the beginning, but the cost of inaction is uglier, messier and even more expensive. We are at the point of no return. We need to act now and put ideas into action or future generations will pay dearly for our inaction. » Read more: Reflections on a Successful Green Building Festival 2016

Energy Descent Action Theatre

September 13th, 2012
Energy Descent Action Theatre is an arts-based community consultation happening on Sunday October 21st at Trinity St. Paul’s Centre, 427 Bloor St West, Toronto.  In an atmosphere of fun and creative games, the “audience” will be guided through the creation of an Energy Descent Action Plan for Toronto.
While we all see gas and energy prices rising and know we need to limit our greenhouse gas emissions, there is no plan for how our communities will move into the post-carbon age.  To fail to plan is to plan to fail, but there is nothing to answer questions like “How much more insulation will it take to make my gas bill affordable in 2030?”, “How will my children get to school without diesel buses in 2025?”, or “Where will my fruits and vegetables be grown in 2020?”  Transition Toronto, and the larger Transition Towns movement, understands that a post-carbon world is a localized world.  Without abundant cheap fuel, the transportation fueling global trade will be scarce.  It therefore makes sense to make these plans on and for the local level.  These plans have been called Energy Descent Action Plans, and each community needs one as a plan B, an alternative to governments’ plans which ignore climate and assume that in future, energy will be as available as it has been in the past.  Energy Descent can be a daunting topic, but with the fun atmosphere of a day at the theatre, Transition Toronto will keep the audience in a positive, creative mindset.  Only with this attitude can we be sure that the best ideas for decreasing our communities’ fossil-fuel dependence while improving their residents’ quality of life can come to the fore.  With plans for things like designing buildings for natural lighting, provision of healthful local food, and development of the local economy, we can have a brighter future not only in spite of using energy responsibly, but because we’ve designed our communities to use energy responsibly.
Transition Toronto invites you to join us in making history with the world’s first mega-city scale Energy Descent Action Plan.  We also invite you to join us for cake, which will be served at the end of the show to celebrate our historic first step away from oil dependency and towards local resilience.  RSVP at the Transition Toronto site here, on facebook here, on pre-purchase your ticket at Eventbrite here.  Tickets are $12 at the door or $9.70 if purchased in advance through Eventbrite.
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Green Toronto Awards Now Accepting Nominations!

January 14th, 2011

Do you know a green family, business, community or local food group located in the City of Toronto? A group or individual that leads by example? Green Living Enterprises and the City of Toronto are offering awards of $5000 to the winner in each category for the 7th annual Green Toronto Awards. New this year are the “Green Business” Award and the “Green Home” award.
Below are the categories available to enter:

GREEN HOME – New in 2011!
GREEN BUSINESS – New in 2011!

The objective of these awards is to recognize individuals, community groups and businesses who are helping to make our city greener. I can think of several local green companies and people whom I’ve written about over the past year that should be nominated for these awards.
To find out more about the awards visit the City of Toronto link.
Application deadline is February 7th, 2011 at midnight.

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