It may sound a bit odd, but this is a business that grew out of a passion for tinkering with old worn out bicycles. The owner, Gilbert VandenHeuvel, was a pig farmer for over 30 years before deciding that a career change was in order. He and his wife sold their farm and started this business: The ReCycler in Goderich, ON. Gilbert has a creative eye — he can make almost any kind of furniture out of bicycle parts including end tables, coffee tables, chairs, desks, shelving and “funky art.”

Recyclr recyclosaur

Bicycles are sourced from a scrapyard out of town because Gilbert’s demand can no longer be met by the local Goderich scrapyard. Who would have thought that old bicycles had so much potential?

Gilbert not only uses the frames and wheels, old gears are turned into salt and pepper shakers, tires into belts and seat backings, handlebars into table legs, even chains are turned into bottle openers. Now that’s reuse!

Recycler desk chair
Desk and Chair

If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your decor, check out his work. If you can’t make it to Goderich, the reCycler will be making visits to Toronto craft/artist fairs throughout 2011. Check here for their schedule.

recycler bikeman
Bike man

The reCycler is located just outside Goderich, ON.

79640 Bluewater Highway – Goderich, ON

Phone: 519-524-0797


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