Just saw this neat new website on Greenbuilder Media that looks at the solar potential for solar panels in certain US cities. Developed by the brains at MIT, it will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not your home is solar ready. However, as the website cautions, a professional analysis needs to be completed if you wish to pursue solar panels as the satellite display may not account for foliage or other obstructions. Still, it lets you see what kind of potential your neighbourhood has for solar panels.

New App Can Map Every Rooftop in a City and Tell You Its Solar Payoff, Output and Potential in Seconds

Visit the Mapdwell WEBSITE

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Project Sunroof

A few months ago, Google launched Project Sunroof — using all their information from their mapping system, stemming from queries people type into Google all the time, they developed a project to help people figure out if solar panels were an option. Google is still rolling it out in the US — not sure when it will get to Canada, but I’m sure if we Canadians enter the search terms into Google enough, they’ll get the hint.

For more information visit Project Sunroof.


Want to know more about whether solar panels are right for your home? Check out our guide on solar panels.

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