Green Moving Tips

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Green Moving Tips

Moving with an eco-friendly idea in mind means you will need to take care of many details that have to be checked during the process. You would do well to ensure you will not throw away any possibly non-biodegradable items or other things in the process of moving if you can work on recycling them. Just like other green initiatives around the world, green moving has become more and more popular, allowing moving companies to do their jobs without too many issues involved with polluting the environment during a moving job. The following tips will give you more information you can use to ensure you have an eco-friendly experience in such cases:

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Ecoraster Storm water solutions products

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ecoraste E40

Cities are grappling with storm water run-off more than ever as storms become more violent and development increases leaving less permeable land. In heavy rains, sewers sometimes aren’t able to handle the downpour that might happen (think Toronto in July, 2013, or Montreal, May, 2012). Encouraging more permeable areas allows the ground to absorb water helping to alleviate some of the pressure on sewer systems. Sometimes, however, finding the right solution to increasing permeability can be a challenge. Laying down loose gravel over ground makes it difficult to plow in winter, while small stones get caught in pedestrians boot treads get dragged indoors and ruining floors. Another challenge is that sometimes permeable paving needs a strong, impermeable base so that the blocks don’t crack under the weight of vehicles or develop ruts in the most heavily traveled areas. It kind of defeats the purpose of permeable pavers.

A great product originating in Germany, is Ecoraster, a grid system that is used to keep surfaces permeable. It can replace paved parking lots, driveways, pathways and can be used in various agricultural applications as well. The Ecoraster is available in different levels of durability depending on intended use.

It is an extremely versatile product and can be used in a variety of urban situations.

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Canada’s Greenest Home — One Year Later

March 24th, 2015 by Cathy Rust 1 comment »

Canada's greenest home

Usually once a home is built, the builder hands the keys over to the new owner and unless there’s a problem, the builder moves on to the next project. However, in the case of a straw-bale built home in Peterborough, the home has been lived in for the past year and all water and energy consumed has been recorded. The goal was to see if, in fact, the home is Canada’s greenest home. You can read all about its features in the article I wrote last year. Chris Magwood, director of the Endeavour Centre, whose students built the home emphasizes that it’s not supposed to be a competition, it’s meant to demonstrate that building a green home is achievable using currently available technology that is locally available.

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4 Ways to Go Green in the Garden

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4 Ways To Go Green In The Garden

In the recent years, the idea of environmentally conscious society seems to captivate more and more people. There is more to the phrase “green” than just replacing your electric bulbs with an LED one or sorting your garbage. This is a way of thinking that impacts every aspect of your life. Then why not incorporate some sustainable practices in your gardening? Combine aesthetics and practicality, while preserving the environment.

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What is Non-Toxic Kitchen Cabinetry and Where Do I Get it (in Toronto)?

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I received a letter from a reader asking where he could find non-toxic kitchen cabinetry in Toronto. The question’s a bit more complex than it sounds. What does “non-toxic” mean? It could mean (which I think it probably does), something that doesn’t off-gas harmful chemicals, known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds. But just because something doesn’t off-gas doesn’t mean it’s non-toxic. There are lots of products out there with all kinds of poisonous chemicals in them that don’t off-gas, but you’d never want to drink them. To me, something that is truly non-toxic means that you could ingest it and it wouldn’t poison you.

So, here are my suggestions for cabinetmakers in the Toronto area whose products are low VOC. If you have any you’d like to add, please feel free to do so in the comments section.

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