Interior Building Finishes


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Interior Building Finishes

Start here to find information on eco-friendly flooring, countertops, paints and other coatings, lighting and more. We’re written about plenty of materials containing recycled content, are low VOC, or made from reclaimed content.


Cabinetry can be surprisingly complex. From the basic cabinet boxes available at the big box stores through to custom-built boxes make with low to zero off-gassing products, there are ways to ensure that you are getting quality cabinets that will last forever and won’t off-gas harmful chemicals into the indoor air. Start here when getting know what your choices are for your next cabinetry job.

Counter Tops

Countertops can take a beating, especially in the kitchen. It’s important to install ones that are durable and don’t show their age. Countertops can be made from natural stone or composites, wood, or synthetic material.


There are plenty of eco-friendly flooring choices available including wood, bamboo, cork and tile with recycled material. Durability is essential when selecting new flooring.

Furniture & Accessories

Eco-friendly furniture is designed to last, not off-gas harmful chemicals, and be classically designed so it’s not just a passing fad. These days, furniture is treated more often as a disposable product which wastes natural resources.


From general lighting to task lighting, lighting is an essential and often overlooked component of a home. It also consumes up to 20% of your home’s electricity bill so identifying where and how to navigate the world of energy efficiency lighting will help your pocketbook.

Paints & Coatings

Low and zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints that are both synthetic (petroluem-based) and natural. Other coatings are also covered here, including, clay, lime and linseed oil paint.

Water Fixtures & Efficiency

Products and guides to help homeowners conserve water within their own home. Through graywater systems, rain barrels and water efficient fixtures a family could reduce its water use by 60%.

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