Prefab and Modular Homes

Prefab and modular homes are built indoors and generally create 50% less construction waste than traditionally built homes, and can be constructed in 50% less time. 

Blu Homes

Prefab homes with all the green features. Super energy efficient, solar panel ready, made in a factory – less waste, faster build.


The Santa Monica LivingHome has some great green features: first, it’s an efficient use of space incorporating about 3500 square feet of living space into a tight land area. Materials are selected as locally as was reasonable and are recycled, recyclable or renewable where possible….

Norpolhaus Prefab Passive Homes

Norpolhaus builds custom, prefab, Passivhaus certified homes inside a factory in Poland. They can build up to 50 homes per year and currently are building around 18 per year.

mobEE strawbale portables for schools

mobEE, the prefabricated straw bale school portable system has recently signed a contract with the Pinoleville Pomo Nation to provide six mobEE units for the aboriginal group….
BEC Green

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