It’s no exaggeration to say “you had me at -11” when I think of Inline Fiberglass windows. If you’ve read my article on the First Certified Passive House Residence in Canada then you might remember the part about putting my hand up to the windows and the glass feeling warm even though it was -11 outside! (Sorry about the finger prints.) In my house I’d know where the windows were located even if I were blindfolded because of the sharp temperature drop as I approached them.

Fiberglass is one of the best materials on the market for windows, in fact, it might even be considered the best material for windows. It has many qualities about it which make it an excellent choice for window materials, and Inline Fiberglass windows are known as some of the highest quality fiberglass windows made in North America. And, they’re made right here in Toronto.

Here are some of the attributes of Inline Fiberglass windows that make them so appealing for a “green build” or renovation:

Shawanaga Bay Cottage with Inline Fiberglass windows
Shawanaga Bay Cottage

1. Stability. Fiberglass, made from 60% glass, expands and contracts at the same rate as the window panes. This means that the seal between the frame and panes stays solid.

2. Insulation. The frames are well-insulated and there is no thermal bridging so heat can’t find its way out of the windows through the frames.

3. Manufacturing control. The fiberglass frame is manufactured in-house through a method called pultrusion, so the company can maintain complete control over the entire process.

4. Durability. These windows last and last and last. They are unaffected by arctic cold or dessert sun. They are also non-corrosive which makes them attractive for oceanside locations.

5. Low embodied energy: fiberglass is considered one of the lowest embodied energy materials compared to other common window frame materials.

Mnjikaning First Nations Early childhood centre, Inline Fiberglass windows
Mnjikaning First Nation Early Childhood Education Centre

6. Recyclable: At end of life, the fiberglass can be ground up into a fine powder to be used in common building components, as well as fill in the fiberglass resin before it is put through the pultruder.

7. Low maintenance. In general, fiberglass windows need very little attention. Their frames don’t fade and don’t need repainting, repairing, or refinishing.

8. Customization. Windows are available in five standard colour shades, can be made as “inserts” or “full frames” in any size, with many different insulation options available. Further, there options for double glazing (two window panes), or triple glazing (three window panes) available and different insulating gas combinations including argon and krypton (krypton is an even better insulating gas than argon). Note: window “inserts” might be preferred if you live in an historical home and want to preserve the wood frame.

9. Flexibility: windows are available in casement, tilt ‘n turn, double and single hung with tilt ‘n turn options.

10. Warranty: windows come with a Limited 20-year warranty on the frame.

Toronto residence with Inline Fiberglass windows
Front and back of Toronto residence with Inline Fiberglass windows

11. Pricing: It’s impossible to price out windows because of all the different combinations and customization features. It’s best to contact the company directly.

For more information on Inline Fiberglass windows, visit their website.

Phone: 1-866-566-5656


(Photos courtesy of Inline Fiberglass.)


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